Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Aiman Ariffin - SINGAPOH

Hi! I'm Aiman Ariffin, the trip leader, haha! yes, this post is about, you know what 
( our trip to SINGAPORE ).. so, enjoy reading and viewing my version of 'adventure' :)

DAY 1 
  Day one, we started our journey on Thursday morning. 

It's quite early in the morning, you can see the beautiful morning sun. :)

A little briefing by Teacher Norazlina and handphone registration. -,-

Then, we make a 15-minutes pit stop for our breakfast and toilet. :D

Arrived at Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar ( English College )

A few pics at the Art Gallery

And some at the Insect Gallery

Clippings portrayed this school's glory for the past 34 years. 
This school is celebrating its 100th anniversary in the next 2 years.

Proceeded from Johor's and Singapore's custom and make a stop
at An-Nur Mosque for a prayer

We then stop at the centre of Singapore and enjoy 
the scenery from up there.

The oldest hotel in Singapore, the Raffles Hotel. :)

We also went to see Merlion ( derived from the word Mermaid + Lion )
 at the Merlion Park but...

Unfortunately, it is under maintenance and we couldn't snap
a picture with this national icon statue. :(

 Then, we check in at the Footprints Youth Hostel. At this time my camera's battery went to sleep so I didn't take any picture when we went for Mustafa Centre on this night... 

DAY 2 and DAY 3

So, what happened in Day 2 and Day 3? hmm.. I want to continue writing this post but looks like I don't have much time... :( 
If only I have a few more days, I'll make sure this post will be complete, sorry... -,-

but actually I've met the minimum photo requirement for this competition so, I guess
I could try competing with others, haha..  ;)

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