Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Nursaihah Safwah binti Awang

                    MY TRIP TO SINGAPORE :)

Assalamualaikum,annyeong, kon'nichiwa and hi everybody..Im Norsaihah Safwah bt.Awang..
Now,i want to share my experience with my schoolmates in the beautiful country,Singapore to you :)
We had been in Singapore from 12 July 2012 until 14 July 2012..

    Firstly,we departed from school at 7.30 a.m to Johor Bahru

    Then,we went to Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar (English College)  and arrived about 10 a.m..There were some picture that i had took at there :)

Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar (English College)

photos of their principles

old coins collection

the science project from their students..It is made from recyclable materials...
They are so creative  ^_^

We took the picture as a memories in front their school.

After that,we continued our journey to the Singapore  at 2 p.m

we were at Marina Bay..Its so beautiful places..There were many people and tourists  from all
over the world in here..I am also met korean people which is i like their country..

The unique building of Singapore that i met..

Eye on Singapore Ferris Wheel..

The Esplanade Singapore.This building is for theatre on the bay which is for 
performing and for the island nation of singapore.Many singaporeans casually refer
to the esplanade as "The Durian"

We took picture in merlion..this is the Mountain Faber which is
we can saw all the buildings from here

This is Singapore cable car..It will take us from
 Mountain Faber to Sentosa Island.

We took dinner in Hjh Maimunah restaurant..
I like their foods which is so delicious with their dishes village

This is our accommodation..Its name is Footprints Hostel..
It permission is perfect comfort to us..

At night,we went shopping at the Mustafa Centre..There is a four storey
 which is have many things that we want..


    After breakfast at Footprints Hostel..We continued our trip to Hillgrove Secondary School..

Their council welcomed us with joy..It makes us happy..

Our memories in Hillgrove Secondary school..

We were in their library to get the information about their

My buddies and I in their class..We were learning english session 
with them..
 We are at Science Centre..

We were infront of Science Centre of Singapore..

The assambbador for Sultans of Science..

I was in China Town..We can buy many sourveniors for our family..
Their things also reasonable.

We were in China Town..The crowded place..

At night,we re shopping at Orchard Road..Their shopping and building so beautiful.

       Last day..we went to Universal Studio..Everyone can not waited to do there.

We took picture in front the universal Studio :)

Madagascar ..

Roller coaster..The best games that we rodes :)

Far Far Away..The building like a real castle of Shrek makes me excited..

We departed from Universal Studio at 5 p.m and went to immigration Tuas..After that,we arrived at school at 11 p.m..We were so tired but it was fun..we were also enjoyed the tarip very much .Thats all that i can share with u guys..I hope you all enjoy with my report..

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