Saturday, 21 July 2012

Singapore Trip 2012(Haqim Othman)

Assalamualaikum and Salam Ramadhan Al- Karim. Today, I would like to share some 

unforgetable experience during the school trip to Singapore. On the first day, our first 

destination is Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar a.ka. English College.


                                   Some picture and awards!

  Scenery In The Meseum

                  Various types of insects prepared Form 6 students

                                    Batik at Art Gallery

         After about an hour visiting all the gallery, we took picture together and 

continue our journer to Singapore. We entered Singapore at about 3 o’ clock met 

Uncle Yusuf who was a tour guide. He tooked us around the Singapore and we have 

our dinner at Hajah Maimunah Restaurant. On the second day, we departed to 

Hillgrove Secondary School from our hostel, Footprints Hostel.  

                               A ship on a building, Very amazing !

                              A very uniqe building look like Durians

                                             Picture together


                                             Eating Time

                          A very friendly teachers and students

                                 Big and Comfortable Library

                                A Very Attractive Corner

                                     A Very Happening Class

                             Till We Meet Again Hillgrovian! Bye!

Then, we poceed to Scince Centre to see many experiments and robots. There were 

also Islamic Exhibition.

                                Ticket to Enter Science Centre

         After that, we were brought to China town to buy some souveniers.

                                     Some keychains that I bought

After that,  we went to Ochard Road and then to the hostel. The next day is the 

moment that we all waiting for, Univeral Studios Singapore(USS).

                                            Unique Entrance

                                      Tickets for unexpected fun

                                                         Our first destination

                                       Most Extreme Experience

The Mummy Returns

                                           Far Far Away Castle

After having fun for about 7 hours, we departed to our beloved school. I think that all from me.  Before that, I want to apologise if my report i not complete            unsatisfying. That all from me. Thank You.

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