Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Siti Hajar binti Salleh

Salam and Hello
 everyone!:) This is Hajar's Travellog from day 1 to the last day. 


Here we are at Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar a.k.a English College. The school was opened a long time ago in 1930 before Malaysia's "MERDEKA"

These are the vision and mission of EC:)

Now, let's enter the Mini Gallery of Tun Hussein Onn. Inside this gallery, it have many old collections and articles about the history of the school, Johor and also Malaysia itself.

This article is about Sultan Abu Bakar.
The Sultan of Johor ( February 1865-April 1985)

Collection of Old Coins

Collections of Old Letters

Our second day were at Hillgrove Secondary School. Although the school is very big but for the students there, there is another school in Singapore which are more bigger than their school.

The teachers and students were greetings us with an open arms:)

Who is this young and handsome man? Well, this is the Head Student Council of Hillgrove Secondary School

say cheese, everyone!!! (^_^)V

At the library. isn't it big and beautiful?

These two girls are my "tour guide at HGV"

In class 4E-4.
It's literature time with Miss Don!:)

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