Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Siti Rofina Anggeini binti Kuswanto

My Travellog During My Journey to Singapore:)

Salam and Hello there,want to know about my trip to Singapore?Belows are my easy,simple report.Hope you like and enjoy reading it.
About 36 Selandarians and 8 teachers involve in this benchmarking trip.
It's an unforgettable trip that i've participated ever ! First day at EC,second at Hillgroove High School, and last day we visited the extravagance Universal Studio before we left Singapore.
Day 1
On 18 July,we've visited 'EC' which mean English College or also known as Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar.

The entrance of the school.

There we've visited the Museum of Tun Hussein Onn which is keep all the treasuries of the school from the former student there since the school have been opened during colonization of British.Below got some pictures.. Enjoy :D

The front of the school.
Old coins from all around the world.

This realistic potrait is drawn by the student of EC.

The potrait of Sultan Abu Bakar and Sultan Ibrahim
Lieutenant Adnan

Some of collection of science project of the former student during late 70s if not mistaken..:)

This aquatic marine life is made up of
Polyethylene_terephthalate(plastic bottles).

Our Additional Mathematics,Mr.Am have tried to colour up the 'batik'.

This school got a class for the visual impaired student.This class would be only go on while during physical education.

Those insects were preserved by Form 6 Student due to their project.

Some of the art produced by the student.

Then,we continue our journey to Singapore through Tuas Immegration.

The view from Mount Faber.

Seems like three buildings being connected by the 'giant ship' at their top.
Marina Bay.....This is the place where the Merlion will celebrate its 'birthday' on 9 August.

Cute right?
Captured with Mini Merlion while the 'giant' Merlion is bathing behind there(covered with the green string).
One Furllerton.....

We stay at Footprints Youth Hostel for 3 days and 2 night that provides us wifi,breakfast,iron and even dobby.


8.00 in the morning,we have went to Hillgroove High School for our benchmarking.
Say cheese everyone!Snapshots with HGV teachers and the Council of Leadership of HGV.

Model of buildings of HGV.

My new friends:D

Later on,we've been looking around the school guided by the councils.They are Jackie,Anissa and Chia Sin.

Cyber Lab a.k.a MaC World.
All the utilities of this cyber lab are the product from Apple! Cool right?
Literature class with Miss Don.
A souvenier from us for the English teacher,Miss Lim.

The scenery behind us is made up of tiles that all the Hillgroovians bought and attached it onto the wall.This shows that all the Hillgroovians love their Hillgroove.' I <3 Hillgroove' is the motto of this school.

This is Jackie,my guider there.

Hope this friendship will be last longer.........
How sweet they are:D This when we're about to leave Hillgroove.

Singapore Science Centre


Seems like living in an igloo.....

Mirror,mirror,on the wall
who is the most villain girl in the world?

Getting something from Shi Huang.....

Wahidah is so ecxited once she saw the dinasour's skull.

Feeling being in the hurricane..


Universal Studio

I'm so excited getting HERE!!!

I'm brave enough as i don't run from the dinasours..

Feeling like a model of this yellow taxi..

I wanna take a ride!

Tired but happy.

Mr.Evil is a cute guy...

Its raining but fun.

I love dinasours' baby.(but not after they eat me)

Mr.Evil wants to harm us.HELP!

Far Far Away.The place full of fairytails..

I love to move it,
I love to move it.

Seriously terrifying
Human:Feeling no heart inside you
Cylon:Feeling no life inside you

These all that I could shared with you guys during my wonderful trip to Singapore.How I wish if there got any interesting trip like this.Hundred percently I will participate.I hope you enjoy reading my simple report.Thank you for reading my report.

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