Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Muhammad Asyraaf bin Suhaimi : awessingaporee :3

Assalamualaikum :3

Hello and welcome to my post. 
Okay. I'm your tourist guide and you are my tourist. I'll take you to experience my adventure just like we have time machine.
Badan Pengawas Sekolah Berasrama Penuh Integrasi Selandar dengan kerjasama Panel Bahasa Inggeris telah mengadakan lawatan balas ke Hillgrove Secondary School. Here we go! Enjoyy your trip guys!
Do scroll down till the last piece of moment. Enjoyy!

Taklimat ringkas daripada Cik Azlina

Yeahh. Sunrise. 7.30 in the morning (:

Have a BRUNCH :) that burger worth for RM8

Bertolak ke Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar

Well-known as English College


Some of the prefects of EC

Then ada taklimat LAGI kat sini. Redha je -.- urgh

Dengan penuh bersemangat!

Galeri Tun Hussien Onn.

We have some sight-seeing there. 

Kenangan yang terpahat

Antara pemimpin yang dilahirkan Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar

*muka kepuasan*

Pengalaman mencanting batik.*Afnan Amirruddin teruja nampaknya

Okay. My turn babyy

Hasil kreativiti saya di sebelah kanan :)

Sebelum balik, mengabdikan sebuah kenangan hanya di dalam sebuah foto :'(

Berlatarbelakangkan MSAB

Bersama jurugambar pulak :b

Mana Singapore? Kanan ehh. okay. atas?

Tinggalkan English College kira-kira jam 1 petang dan bertolak ke imegresen kastam and sowhatever. Then we met Yusuf. Our tourist guide, like me. Buat lawak yang masih boleh diterima di dalam bas sebelum singgah menunaikan kewajipan sebagai seorang Muslim sejati*peace

Singapore imigration

See that? An-Nur mosque.

Masjid sementara sebenarnya. Not bad. Di sini lah kami tunaikan solat Zohor-Asar*Allahuakbar

Alhamdulillah. Settle urusan dengan Tuhan. Then we have some sight-seeing around wonderful Singapore. Yayy! Singapore all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy :3

We went to the second highest place in Singapore

Not so high, right?

Beautiful lanscape (:

Merlion Park. Oyeahh! Some facts: MERLION which is the icon of Singapore is derived from mermaid+lion. Then it become Merlion. Get it?

Merlion Park? Turn left malaysiann (:

See? Merlion is still sleeping. Actually, it is under maintanance. So, be patient.

See that? Lion with mermaid body. It's Merlion! The icon of Singaporeee.

Around Skycity (:

Yeahh! Tersergam indah.

Looks great huhh? yeah! This is Singapore my friend!

Durian? No lahh.

Setelah penat menjelalah sebahagian kecil Singapura, kami pergi menjamu selera pula. Kat mana? Tolong lah jangan tanya. Scroll bawah sikit lagi -.-

This is Hajah Maimunah Restaurant.

Enjoy our mouth-watering dishes. Yummy!

Bluuuurp! We're full B)

After that, we checked in at Footprints HOSTEL.

Don't wanna take rest for too long, we put on GLORIOUS MODENAS shirt and then go to the one of the famous places in Singapore, Mustafa Centre. For your information, this place is owned by an indian-muslim guy. This is one of the reasons why Mustafa Centre become famous.

Here we are. Mustafa Centre

BENZ members who joined the trip. Danial, Zhariq, Ali, Hafiz, Asyraaf Suhaimi, Afnan and Amelia Hazmi.

Buy some souvinier at Giordano.*City Square Mall, Singapore

I'm tired. We're tired. They're tired. Let's go to sleep.

Day 2

We woke up early early and went to Hillgrove Secondary School. Even met for the first time, they greeted us very well like we are their bestfriend :)

Getting excited boy

Walking around the school

Not to miss the moment together

Give some short speech, Mrs. Norazilawani.

This our experience there

Having our breakfast (:

My group buddy, Nichelle Sampang.

Some souviniers from Hillgrove. His name is As'ad Nazif Mustafa. He is singaporean but his parents is MALAYSIAN

This is my Singaporean friend,

I met her last year. We played congkak together. Miss that moment very much. She is Nichelle Sampang. Glad to meet her again.

And this is Dorothy. The most cheerful one :3 my new friend

It's the time to say goodbye :'(

See? Our bond were very strong. They asked us not to leave them.
But we have to*wiping tears*

Then we went to orchard road and have some moments there. Awesome Singapore :)

Day 3

Universal Studios all the waaaaaaaaaaaayy! :3
We're surely very excited. Are you?

Just Arrived :)

With my beloved classmate, Amelia Hazmi.

We're here. This is Steven Spielberg's mini studio. Amazingg!

Bumblebee is sleepinn. Took opportunity to take picture with :b

We enjoyed there! 

Sesame Street yellow bus :3

Yeahh! Battlestar Galactico HUMAN Roller Coaster :)
One more time maybe?


Finally, souvinier for me :)

Marty inside. And I'm already in Universal Studios! :3
''I was HERE''

Hey! Are you enjoy with me?
Leave a comment if you want to share or something else
Just wanna to thanks for having you to experience my adventure in Singapore
with my beloved time machine.

Before we saying goodbye, sing along with me
Hey! Hati rasa sungguh gembira
Baru pulang dari Singapura
Berjalan-jalan sini sana
Wow puasnya kami rasa.
yeehaaaaaa :3

Okay. Hope you enjoy.
I'm Muhammad Asyraaf Suhaimi, your tourist guide.
Glad to meet you :)
Till we meet again