Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Mazni binti Mohd Razak

                                  A TRIP TO SINGAPORE

         Hello everyone....I am about to share my experience about my school trip to Singapore.

    It's really my first time going overseas,although it just a trip to Singapore but I am still excited to death to gain new experience,new memory....It's sound little cheesy but that's how I feel.Hey,not everyone has this gold chance in their life.Moreover,this little chance come once in, I have to grab the chance and the result is.....

                                                           N.O  R.E.G.R.E.T

This is some information about this trip that all viewers need to know:-

    1.The date is on 12 July 2012 to 14 July 2012

   2.Thursday until Saturday

   3.All the participant need to bring a souvenirs from Malaysia to give it to our new   friend.

   4.We can only bring one backpack and one traveler bag.

   5.The fees for this trip is RM700.00.

   6.We are divide into group.5 people in a group and A teacher will supervise the group.(my group-me,Wahidah,Izyan,Rofina and Saihah with teacher Aziah)


Now,The showtime....from my first day until the last day in SINGAPORE!!!

Before we enter TUAS,we went for a visited to~                     
              One of the old school in Johor.....This school has been operating for about 50 years!!!
                                                This is boys school except for form 6

WHAT did we do in MAKTAB SULTAN ABU BAKAR ?????!!!!
                                   This school has their own gallery,and their gallery is amazing =)
                                                        Gallery Sultan Abu Bakar
     This gallery show their school things from  their first operation.The things in here is very nostalgic like   an old Braille machine and old medal.

                                                                Science gallery
          you will find what is hard to find today like an old compass or something like that...It is very old and maybe there just a few of them still exist in good condition.What amazing things about this gallery is they keep a skull that  was founded in their school.

                                                                       Insect Gallery
               This gallery show the insect that is caught  by thier own student....It's really need a big effort~

                                                                   Gallery of Art
              We got a chance to try painted the Batik in front of the gallery.It is so fun=)

            The teacher is tell us on how the OKU student learn using the Braille word and machine.we also learn some of the word.It is very unique and interesting if you can remembered that.After finish with the visit,we were brought to take our lunch at the school canteen.

Then we go to the Tuas to enter the Singapore island.

We got the chance to look of the breathtaking of the Singapore,we stop  for a sightseeing at Mount Faber that is second highest  mount in Singapore and also Marina bay

                                                       The sightseeing of Marina bay

Second day in is our batch making program located

                                                                The view of the library

                                                                     Eating time!!

                                                                   The dance room


                          The locker that you need to pay if you wanted ready with the key money also =p

                                                     ENGLISH CLASS TIME!!!!

                                                         The class is very interesting

                                        Got a new member...and a nice memory,thanx to class 3-A3

                                                                 Presentation time

                                                  I give my present to the sweet Xiao Xian

The last day in Singapore......UNIVERSAL STUDIO SINGAPORE =)

                                                                   Unforgotable ride


                                                             Jurassic park

                                                          watch this in Far Far Away
                                                           Be friend with Madagascar
                                                   'Interesting friend' at Hollywood street

                                                             A killer roller coaster                

                                                 sightseeing of the castle

                       That all for the trip...thanx for veiwing.





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