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Assalamualaikum wbt...hi there, its me Izyan Zulaikha Zali..You all may check my blog here..We have been at Singapore for about 3 days and 2 nights from 12 July till 14 July 2012..Lets check it out the journey!

Day 1~ 

These are the previous figures which have been produced by this school. The school was almost 100 years embodied. Previously Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar was known as English College.

This is an example of uniform in this school. Same like SBP INTEGRASI SELANDAR , the school also has a convocation robe. In addition, there is also a batik shirt and a design of prefect shirt of their school.

This is the school principals during the school operates about 100 years old. To my knowledge, a total of nearly 30 principals had served in this school.

This is the Merlion at Merlion Park. Merlion word is taken in conjunction with a mixture of mermaid and lion. Mermaid is taken because Singapore is an island and a lion is taken because in the past there was a lion in Singapore. The replica of the Merlion is a creation of an architect because the government wanted a replica that can representing Singapore.

This is the Singapore stadium. This stadium is very unique and beautiful because the roof was quite different and like no other. The very interesting shape has attracted me to take the picture of this stadium a lot.
This is the view of the area around Singapore that is photographed on a bridge. From here we can see Singapore stadium and around the buildings. Around the buildings are office buildings, hotels, and the most are bank building. There are many people visit this place to take pictures.
The most famous places in Singapore, Marina Bay Sands. The building is very beautiful and amazing. The building is like a ship located at top of three buildings. I really admire the design of this building.
This are a picture taken when we were here. I am located second from left.
At night, my friends and I go shopping at Mustafa Center. Mustafa Center is very large and we often get lost when in there. hehehe .. :)

This is the school badge. This badge is shaped like a shield which is green. Green is the official color for this school. The badge is so simple, but very interesting because there is only the letter 'E' and 'C' that give meaning English College. This badge is not sewn like many other schools, but this badge is pinned on their school uniform. Very interesting, is it?
This school is excellent. This school has been awarded by the Ministry of Education Malaysia as school clusters of excellence. The school was named as the English College because on the previous period, the British government built this school and during the reign of Sultan Abu Bakar, the school name was changed in conjunction with the reign of Sultan Abu Bakar of Johor.

Day 2~

These four girls is a student councilors. In Singapore, prefects are called student councilors. Girl that was sitting second from the left is my buddy for my group.

 This is the space under the stairs that is decorated with  
articles on Olympic Sports. This is very interesting and creative
This portion may also be used as a reading corner.

Computer lab there is very unique.  
On every computer there is a keyboard that is used to compose songs and to learn music. 
The computer keyboard is also very modern and thin.  
All the computers in it are very expensive Apple branded.

In Hillgrove Secondary School, there is a school band or school orchestra.  
This is their rehearsal room. In this room there are large mirrors for dance or theater training and a grand piano. Based on this picture, one of our buddies was playing the piano.

This is the school building.
  This school is huge and has been opened in 2000.

This is a picture when we were in class 4E3 for English language learning sessions.  
During class period we need to do aural in front of the class. I am very happy to see this picture.  
They are all very enjoyable.  <3.

This is my friends in the aural group in class 4E3.  
They are very friendly and treated me very well. 
 I hope this friendship will remain forever...  :P

 This is a book written by Abu Rayhan Al-Biruni (973-1048) available at Singapore Science Center at the Sultans of   Science.
  Do you know who he is
 He is a well-known Islamic scholar in the past who have studied the universe, medicine and geometry.

This is my friend, Saihah was posing at the Chinese temple in China Town. 
 This place sells a lot of gifts with cheap and affordable price
Many tourists go here to buy souvenirs..  =D

This is the Isetan shopping center located at the Orchard Road. 
 This place is different to China Town, this shopping center is very luxurious and expensive
I just walk around with friends and do window shopping without buying anything. hihihi...

Day 3~

Yeay! The moment that I had waited for... Universal Studio Singapore! We spent 7 hours there. USS is very exciting .. I look forward to going there again in the future and can play the games that I have not played there again ..

When I reached there, we directly take a picture together. Everyone's face seems eager to play the game in the USS.

 This is the Empire State building in USS. Not the actual one ya... This majestic building looks grand when coming inside.

 This is Sci-Fi, which put a lot of robots like Transformers. The design of this area has been specially designed as science fiction on television and in books. Very impressive!

Transformers! Optimus Prime .. well, do not look at it closely .. there is laser, danger! haha .. joke only. ;)

 Far far away .. Shrek and Fiona live Happily ever after .. The End. hoho .. That's it, Shrek palace, scene of the occurrence.

Feels like walking on the street HollywoodThe buildings are so beautiful as we have seen on the television. Beautiful isn't it?

  That's it, the yellow cab. Very cute. The cab is just like Mr.Bean's car a little bit.. 

 Elmo and Monster look very cute when they are dancing and singing together..

The most interesting and the fastest roller coaster in the world. Though I never ride roller coaster, anyway, I was just be brave to ride the high speed roller coaster. It was an amazing experience.

We depart from Universal Studio Singapore at about 5 pm and arrived in Malaysia at 10.30 pm. Although I feel tired, but I'm happy to be able to gain valuable experience in such a young age. I also want to give recognition to the school and teachers for giving me the opportunity to travel abroad. Hope you are happy to see my trip in Singapore. Thank you.

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