Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Muhammad Nuraiman bin Achim

Hi, I'm Aiman Achim of 4 Al-Razi.
Being in Singapore was indeed a great experience.
There are a lot of things to share.

Day 1

On the first day, we departed from SBPI Selandar early in the morning,
although I faced some problems (last minutes), I managed to overcome it somehow.


Our first destination is Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar (an english college), among the oldest school in Malaysia.

As you can see,  their 'kebitaraan' (Sorry for the lack of vocab..) are Maths Expert, Mini Orchestra and Rugby

Not only that.
They even got their own MINI MUSEUM!!

Look, these are the photos of some politician who had been here as students.

Not to mention their INSECT MUSEUM as well! There many species of insects that can be seen there.

After all the adventure there, and there finally, we were called to assemble and get ready to go for the next destination - SINGAPORE!! (Not really, the next destination is MALAYSIA-SINGAPORE IMIGRATION) 
Anyway, we really have a good time at MSAB a.k.a EC!

After a few hours of journey from EC to Singapore, we decided to take a break and perform Solah at An-Nur Mosque as recommended by our tourist guide, Uncle Yusof.

When we observed this mosque externally, the architecture is not facinate as we could find in Malaysia. In spite that, I could sensed the peace -very clean and tidy- in this very mosque.

Next, after we had done jama' taqdim of zuhur and asar, we were heading to the Mount Faber, the second tallest peak in Singapore.

Wow... a quite-rare view. A lot of skyscrapers, like trees in the jungle..

Then we continued our journey and stop by at many places..

Around 6 pm, we're heading to Hjh Maimunah restaurant, Bencoleen which is not too far away from our last forgotten-destination.

"Blue water? yuckss.."
"Have you ever try it before?"
"It taste delicious!"

That's all our activity on our first day in the Lion City.
We went to our stay at Footprints Hostel a had a deep sleep..

Day 2

I woke up around 6.30 a.m. - I'm late!- We supposed to gather up at the lobby at 7.
That day, I had a chaotic morning...

Nevertheless, the laughter of my friends and teachers in the morning and delicious breakfast had brightened my day.
Anyway, as sheduled, our first destination was Hillgrove Secondary School.
We went through nearly an hour of journey, and then our bus stop at a place.
"Oh. What a nice environtment. Very modern, green and clean!" I amazed.

"Ok, boys and girls. Let's get down of here." Teacher Azlina commanded us.

At that time I thought, "Did we reached a wrong place?"

"It is the Hillgrove Secondary School", my friend denied my question..

"Hey, how did you know what is in my mind?" I said.

The cheerful Hillgrovians gave us a warm welcome. 
Firstly, we took a picture together.

That's their vision and their invisible mission.

A very comfortable and convenient school library.

The books also are interesting.
Clean.Tidy.Systematic - I guess that is their motto.

Later, we went to the class 4e2 for a short English lesson!
It really sent a shiver down my spine. It's not like I scared. I had never imagine I will interact in the class fully in English. Somehow, I felt excited.

A burst of laughter...I can't read the handwriting!

Lastly, we took a picture together. Our discussion group.

And also the whole class 4e2.
Thanks a lot guys. You all really gave us some valueable experience.

After bid a farewell with the amazing Hillgrovians, we're heading to the China Town. 
There are many interesting souvenirs and rare things.

Ochard road. Nothing to say. Only expensive and branded things there. The scenery was very unique and stylish.

Finally, we had done all of the programs listed for that day. We went back to the hostel and take a rest - a long rest- after had went through a long and tiring adventure in Singapore. I slept early so that the chaotic morning won't happen again.

Day 3

Same like before.
Messy and chaotic.

Nevermind, because we're going to the UNIVERSAL STUDIOS SINGAPORE at Sentosa island!

The Globe

The high-speed roller coasters.

REVENGE OF THE MUMMY!! - The scariest ride I ever have.

We had a blast on that day. USS was really amazing! A long adventure from 10 a.m to 5 p.m!
Later on, we went to the bus and heading back to Malaysia. Goodbye, Singapore. I will surely come back in the future.

That's all I could do for my report. I'm really apologise to Teacher Azlina for the late blog update because there was some technical problems.

That's all, thank you.

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