Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Muhammad Ali Arief bin Shah Fiesal-Singapore Trip-

Assalammualaiku readers. :)

Being one of the students who had been participated in joining the singapore trip I have been ommited on writing a blog. Therefore, here are some things and experience that I had gained during the trip. Enjoy scrolling guys. :)

First day,

Gather up at the school bus stand around 7 o'clock and the teachers had made a counting heads in order to make sure that the students were as same as the number that registered for the trip. After the counting heads were done, on our way to Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar or it is as known as the Engish college.

Some of the photos for day 1. :)

Scroolling down will make you sees some of the day 2 photos. :D

Second day,

Day 2, we went to Hillgrove and the singapore science centre plus shopping at mustafa centre. Btw, we went to Orchard, but I don't have the picture there. sorry.

Moving on to day 3. The last day of the trip.

Third day, 

Third day was pretty awesome as we had a chance to go to Universal Studio Singapore! :D

*Thats all for my blog trip. Hope you enjoy watching and reading my blog post. :)

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