Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Amatullah Amirah binti Shahrin

HELLO there.. this travel log belongs to AMATULLAH AMIRAH SHAHRIN
do take your time and enjoy my journey on this fantastic trip,, ;D
On 12th July 2012 to 14th July 2012 about 36 Selandarians with 8 teachers went on a benchmarking trip to SINGAPORE which is a "FINE" city...
On 12th July 2012 we started our journey at 7.30 p.m. and stopped by at ;

at EC enterance,,,

Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar, Johor Baharu a.k.a English College
this school is about a 100 years old O.O it was embodied since 1914
Tun Hussein Onn Mini Museum is AWESOME....

Sharifah Mazlina the FIRST ASIAN WOMAN to travel to
South Pole is from this school

There is only two portrait of Sultan Abu Bakar in Malaysia and
this is the second portrait,,,

COOL insects collection which have been preserved,,,
*worked by their FORM 6 students,,

Then, we continued our journey to SINGAPORE :) we first went to
MOUNT FABER,,,, the second highest hill in SINGAPORE,,,

getting all excited seeing the MERLION,, =]

 After that,, we went to MARINA BAY on our way we saw some Singapore attractions ;
These cable cars will bring the passengers straight to

Rain Collectors , Preserve Water :D

*wish we could ride on it instead of taking pictures of it :(

At MARINA BAY,,, seems like Aina is sleepy  ^_^
 We had our dinner at Hajah Maimunah Restaurant
innocent look before eating,,
 On the second day,, we went benchmarking at Hillgrove Secondary School,,,
The front view,, nice view :)

Snapping pictures with their prefects and teachers 

My dear friends Jasin and Anis explaining about the Changi Airport,,

This the MAC LAB.. O.O
*how i wish our school had one

joining their Literature class taught by Miss Doni :)
* I LOVE class 4E4

Prsentation by their Head Prefect,, WE <3 HGV :D

Snap... with our Singaporian friends Hana and Dorothy,,,

about to leave the school~~ how SAD :(
 We continued our journey to the SCIENCE CENTER,, it was an exciting journey~~
this sphere is something about the universe =..=?

Aina got a new pet  :D
 Then,,, we went to CHINATOWN.. time to spend all our money for souvenirs ^_^
this is the first building built there !
 On the evening.. we went window-shopping at ORCHARD ROAD,,, =]
we couldn't afford to buy anything except to take pictures =.="
*EVERYTHING is expensive there,,
The next day on 14th July 2012 we left FOOTPRINTS HOSTEL
as early at 8.00 a.m. and went to a place that we all had been waiting for which
7 hours of F.U.N

In front of the enterance,, geting OVER-EXCITED,,
 Inside we went to ride on TRANSFORMERS 3-D and also rode on some
Also, we took a lot of pictures :D

The Ancient Egypt
*didn't have the chance to enter due to some problems =[

entering The Kingdom of Far Far Away ~~

Shrek is so ADMIRABLE :*)

we all just LOVE *Pinocchio*

Lunch at Casa de Wild Food Court in USS
*we spent $20SD per person it was worth it

Last Memory inside with our MADAGASCAR friends ^_^
At 5.00 p.m. we all HAD to leave Universal Studios and went back to our beloved
 SBPI SELANDAR :) we reached school at 10.30 p.m.
SIGAPORE is always in our memory

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