Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Zafirah Ainna binti Zainal Amilin

er, I'm Zafirah (: Making a report on our journey to SINGAPORE. Here's just a few pictures that I had to grab from others .

On the first day ,

We went to English College .
A college in Johor.

The first gallery that we visited is Tun Hussein Onn Museum where they kept so many artifacts which were collected with the collaboration of the members of the school.
The rugby tshirt in the late 80 if not mistaken

 And here's a Braille Typewriter. This school provides a Braille typewriter for the blind to learn in here until now.In this school, I've met a boy named Ryan who is blind. 

There's also an old piano which some of the keys are still playing the notes.

then we visited the science world. theres many ancient apparatus located in there.

here in the insect world. The highlight is the waterfalls back of Hafiz Zubir.
The waterfalls is made by using recyled items like polystrene and a black plastic bag only together with a motor

here is the school register from the 80's

a giant painting of sultan Abu Bakar. This museum looks very elegant with the wallpapers and a candleir

At the Art Room, we got a chance of colouring the batik design.

We stayed at a hostel called Footprints. Well equiped with 24hours wi-fi. The lobby.

The giant trees is a water resevoir where the rain water is collected for domestic use.

Here in gamescape, where all the games are in here. just name it. Uno. Monopoly. Guitar. Anything.

 The Hillgroove Councilor greeted us "Selamat Datang" and waved Singapore flag.

Meet Mr. Burn. Found right here. At the English College.

one of the animals that had been preserved is compiled at the insect world

Some of the students work is sold.

My Batik painting together with Chuya.

Our first destination was, the Mount Faber. The highest point .

I wish I could lift up that ship :D

The awesome library where many novels are hidden :D

The Olympiad corner which combine together with a reading corner. Supervised with CCTV 

the student councilor 

meet my classmates in Hillgrove ,

in Chinatown

in the Orchard Road ,

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